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8 sie 2017, o 16:35
Mahjong Logic has announced the signing of a new casino
gclub license. The casino betluck is a leading operator with growing focus in Japan and China.
"The mahjong logic is excited to have a gclub casino betluck. Sign up as our newest licensee, "said Jonas alm, Mahjong Logic CEO."
They are part of a large wave of entrepreneurs across Asia and the rest of the world. Get Online Mahjong Quiz This will show our continued ability in the area of ??offering a full online Mahjong solver solution.
"Casino gclub is the second company to add mahjong online through our comprehensive solution.
With a plus of five through relationships that are already with gaming, the gclub casino has a gaming website fully branded and customizable using the best software and much more.
Users end up -to-date Available in the world with full payment processing and customer service, "Logic Mahjong. It has a reputation around the world for bringing the best in online mahjong, "said Mamoru Kambara, the head of the gclub casino's sales division.
The fact that mahogany logic has riichi Japanese rules set to Japan is a big market for us. Many people claim this set of rules will be available to them at the onset of our online mahjong debut. .

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