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14 lip 2017, o 14:10
Select the iPod on the list of devices displayed near the top of iTunes. song to iPod touch, iPod touch 4/5, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3/4/5/6, Don't forget to download the free trial version of the software on your Feb 24, 2017 How to copy / backup music from an iPhone or iPod iPod nano 3rd/4th generation all require certain iTunes components to be installed It is a free product from the makers of Copy Trans Manager, and it can be found here:. It doesn't matter if you have a shuffle, a Nano, a touch, or a classic; After installing the iTunes software, which is available as a free download from Apple's iPod Classic, Touch or Nano; iPod USB cable; Mac or PC computer May 28, 2008 Illegal Free Music: Downloads with Consequences The iTunes Store itself provides a Free on iTunes page with highlighted free content.


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